Learners Age 4 to 11

Curriculum 2022

These activities have been designed to fit with the requirements of Curriculum 2022. They aim to support teachers in developing young learners to fulfil the four purposes through engaging, hands-on, metacognitive, collaborative tasks which improve learners’ skills of problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creative thinking and research.


Curriculum 2022 stresses the need for cross-curricular thematic contexts which have the embedded cross-curricular skills of the Literacy and Numeracy, and Digital Competency frameworks. All the activities fulfil these requirements and are referenced as such.


The activities aim to stimulate learners’ curiosity, so that they will be more engaged and therefore better motivated to succeed. They are based around questioning because this is the driving force behind improving learners’ higher-order thinking, with high quality questions leading to high quality talk. 

Curriculum 2022 outlines 12 pedagogical principles. The developed activities fulfil these requirements of good learning and teaching, giving opportunities to utilise all of the pedagogical principles. 

The activities induction pack can be downloaded here.

Reception – Year 2

YEARS 3 – 6